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What is Pama?

Pama is a free web-based app that earns you rewards and gives you secure access to your Opportunity Accounts, budgeting tools, resume builder, important documents and community events, from anywhere.

Pama Platform

A Lifelong Opportunity

Create a budget
Knowing what money is coming in and going out can take a lot of stress out of your daily life. Pama’s user-friendly budgeting tools put you in
control of your finances.
Job Ready
Get job-ready

With Pama, you can securely store your important employment documents and build your resume, so you’re ready to apply for your dream job.

Earn rewards

Every time you complete a task on Pama – like creating a budget – and contribute regularly to your Opportunity Accounts you earn Pama Points that can be redeemed for rewards, like Opportunity Account credit or gift vouchers.

Get involved

Pama will help you connect with your community. the community noticeboard and calendar show all your local events and updates, so you’ll never miss out on the action.


Opportunity Accounts

Pama’s locked Opportunity Accounts empower you to meet your financial goals through regular contributions made by you and your family. These funds can only be spent on items allowed by the account rules.

You can check your account balance at any time and earn Pama Points towards real-world rewards for making regular contributions through employer deductions, direct deposit or Centrepay.

Visit your nearest O-Hub to open an Opportunity Account today.

Which Opportunity Account is right for you?

READY (aged 0-5)

‘Save for your child’s first years’

These first years are important. Save for the cost of your child’s educational, healthcare and early childhood expenses, like:

  • Childcare
  • Educational toys
  • Medical needs
  • Car seat and stroller
  • Toiletries
  • Nursery furniture
SET (aged 6-25)

‘Save for your child’s education’

School years can be expensive. A SET account helps you and your family set aside money for your child’s expenses, like:

  • School/uni fees, training courses and equipment
  • Uniforms and sports gear
  • Excursions and after-school activities
  • Books
  • Home study furniture
GO (aged 26+)

‘Save for your future’

Start saving for your education, employment, training and health expenses, including:

  • Uni and training courses
  • Computer equipment
  • Relocation and business start-up expenses
  • Medical, sports and recreation
  • Trade tools
  • Driver licence

‘Save for a place to call your own’

Bayan is a specialised home deposit account that channels your savings towards home ownership. Build up your deposit while you look for a home to buy and call your own!

Personal Saver

‘Save for the things you want’

With a Personal Saver account, you’re in charge. You set your savings target and your regular contribution amount so you can reach your goal sooner. You can save for things, like:

  • Car or boat
  • Family holiday
  • Computer or phone
  • White goods
  • Renovations

Why our users love Pama


It will really help having READY and SET Opportunity Accounts, which will allow me to manage my money better. When my kids need anything for school, I will be able to pay the account straight away.

Naomi Friday

There’s so many rewards and it’s so easy to do things like uploading documents!

Pama User, Sarah

If you’re thinking about opening an account, I’d say, 'just do it!'

Tamara Hunting

I can quickly see the balance of my children’s accounts and watching the balances grow encourages me to keep going with my contributions!

Pama user, Iris

I opened up new Pama Opportunity Accounts so I don't have to stress when I have to pay for my boys' sporting or educational needs. This allows me to save for the things they need and access the funds when required.

Giembra Manning

Being able to see your financial goals and  achievements makes budgeting and saving seem more manageable.

Keithean Bowen
Sherona_Olbar._HV_ (1)

I have been able to redeem my points for a $100 reward towards the cost of electricity which allowed me to use my money for other needs. Pama Points are rewarding!

Sherona Olbar

I like that Pama allows me to see my children's Opportunity Account balances from anywhere and whether I need to increase my contributions to cover the cost of school and sport.

Junibel Tranby

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Frequently asked questions

After creating a private profile on the Pama Platform, you can explore the app and opt into Opportunity Products that best suit your personal needs and goals. The Pama Dashboard, displayed and accessible on the secure home page, provides you with an overview of your Pama points, to-do task list, a noticeboard, upcoming community events as well as visibility of your Opportunity Accounts. The Platform also rewards you with points for completing tasks and progressing towards your goals, which can be redeemed in the form of Opportunity Accounts credit or gift vouchers.

Pama points are awarded to you as you engage with the Platform and progress towards your self-determined goals.

Pama points can be earned by:

  • Completing tasks on the Platform such as updating or completing your job profile,
  • Contributing to any Opportunity Accounts you opt into,
  • Completing a Budget, and
  • Participating in Pama community events.

Pama points can be redeemed for rewards in the form of Opportunity Accounts credit or gift vouchers. The value of the reward depends on the number of points you have earned and how much you want to redeem, for example: 100 points = $30, 300 points = $100 and 500 points = $250.

If you are experiencing any issues with logging into the Pama Platform, please send an email to support@mypama.com.au advising of the issue or contact your local O-Hub staff who will be able to assist you with the issue.

Initial sign-up for new Opportunity Accounts is currently limited to those who have signed up as a member to the Pama Platform and

  • who live in Aurukun, Coen, Hope Vale, Mossman Gorge (and Mossman township), Lockhart River or Wujal Wujal community and/or live elsewhere but have a direct connection with one of these communities OR
  • who are existing Student Education Trust donors who wish to open a READY, SET or GO Opportunity Account for existing Student Education Trust beneficiaries.

At a later stage, sign-up support will be extended to any individual who wishes to open an Opportunity Account.

No. There are no fees or ongoing costs associated with opening an Opportunity Account. The only cost is the nominated regular contributions made by contributors into their Opportunity Account(s).

Yes, funds held in an Opportunity Account earn interest. Please ask your local O-Hub staff for the current interest rate.

Yes, an Opportunity Account can be closed by completing a Termination form signed by those authorised to do so under the account rules and providing the required notice. Note any funds remaining in the Opportunity Account being closed will need to be transferred to other Opportunity Accounts. No money in the Opportunity Account can be withdrawn as cash. 

To find out more about the Pama Platform and/or Pama Opportunity Accounts, please contact your local O-Hub.

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